Opticking 1310nm 40km 155Mbps SFP Optical Transceiver Module

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shenzhen,China
Certification: CE RoHS FCC TUV
Model Number: KSFP01-0031SL40X
Minimum Order Quantity: 5
Supply Ability: 15000Piece/Pieces per Month
Detail Information
Distance: 40km Data Rate: 155M
Wavelength: 1310nm Form: SFP
High Light:

40km SFP Optical Transceiver Module


155Mbps SFP Optical Transceiver Module


SFP module 1310nm

Product Description

                                                    155Mbps 1310nm 40km SFP Optical Transceiver


Description and Characteristics

This transceiver is hot pluggable 3.3V Small-Form-Factor transceiver module. It designed expressly for high-speed communication applications that require rates up to 155mbps,it designed to be compliant with SFF-8472 and SFP+ MSA. The module data link up to 40km in single mode fiber.

OPTICKING SFP+ transceivers provide a unique enhanced digital diagnostic monitoring interface, which allows real-time access to device operating parameters such as transceiver temperature,laser bias current, transmitted optical power, received optical power and transceiver supply voltage. It also defines a sophisticated system of alarm and warning flags, which alerts end-users when particular operating parameters are outside of a factory set normal range.


Product Features

  1. Class 1 laser product EN 60825-1-standards
  2. Operating data rate up to 2.67Gbps
  3. Compliant with SFP MSA and SFF-8472
  4. Compliant with SDH/SONET
  5. Hot pluggable
  6. 3.3V single Power supply
  7. RoHS-6 Compliant
  8. Operation Temperature Range : X means C( 0~70°C); I(-40~85°C).


Ordering Information

ProductNumber Wavelength Data rate Distance TX Power RX Sens LD PD DDM
KSFP01-0031SL00X 1310nm 155Mb/s 2KM -18~-10dbm <-32dbm FP PIN YES
KSFP01-0031SL20X 1310nm 155Mb/s 20KM -15~-8dbm <-33dbm FP PIN YES
KSFP01-0031SL40X 1310nm 155Mb/s 40KM -9~-3dbm <-33dbm FP PIN YES
KSFP01-0055SL60X 1550nm 155Mb/s 60KM -5~-0dbm <-34dbm DFB PIN YES
KSFP01-0055SL80X 1550nm 155Mb/s 80KM -5~-0dbm <-34dbm DFB PIN YES
KSFP01-0055SL12X 1550nm 155Mb/s 120KM 0~5dbm <-34dbm DFB APD YES
KSFP02-0031SL10X 1310nm 622Mb/s 10KM -14~-8dbm <-28dbm FP PIN YES
KSFP02-0031SL20X 1310nm 622Mb/s 20KM -14~-8dbm <-28dbm FP PIN YES
KSFP02-0031SL40X 1310nm 622Mb/s 40KM -3~-2dbm <-28dbm DFB PIN YES
KSFP02-0055SL80X 1550nm 622Mb/s 80KM -3~2dbm <-28dbm DFB PIN YES
KSFP02-0055SL12X 1550nm 622Mb/s 120KM 0~5dbm <-31dbm DFB APD YES
KSFP03-0085ML05X 850nm 1.25Gb/s 550M -9~-3dbm <-17dbm VCSEL PIN YES
KSFP03-0031SL20X 1310nm 1.25Gb/s 20KM -9~-3dbm <-22dbm FP PIN YES
KSFP03-0031SL40X 1310nm 1.25Gb/s 40KM -5~0dbm <-24dbm DFB PIN YES
KSFP03-0055SL60X 1550nm 1.25Gb/s 60KM -2~3dbm <-24dbm DFB PIN YES
KSFP03-0055SL80X 1550nm 1.25Gb/s 80KM 0~5dbm <-25dbm DFB PIN YES
KSFP03-0055SL12X 1550nm 1.25Gb/s 120KM 0~5dbm <-32dbm DFB APD YES
KSFP04-0085ML03X 850nm 2.5Gb/s 300M -9~-3dbm <-18dbm VCSEL PIN YES
KSFP04-0031SL00X 1310nm 2.5Gb/s 2KM -9~-3dbm <-18dbm FP PIN YES
KSFP04-0031SL20X 1310nm 2.5Gb/s 20KM -5~0dbm <-18dbm DFB PIN YES
KSFP04-0031SL40X 1310nm 2.5Gb/s 40KM -2~3dbm <-28dbm DFB APD YES
KSFP04-0055SL40X 1550nm 2.5Gb/s 40KM -2~3dbm <-28dbm DFB PIN YES
KSFP04-0055SL80X 1550nm 2.5Gb/s 80KM 0~5dbm <-28dbm DFB APD YES
KSFP04-0055SL11X 1550nm 2.5Gb/s 100KM >2dbm <-28dbm DFB APD YES

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Fanny Xie

Phone Number : 86-139 2466 0395

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