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SC Connector


SC Connector

Affiliate classification

Applicable cable type

2.0mm or 3.0mm round cable

1.6mm x 2.0mm or 2.0mm x 3.0mm flat cable

Applicable cable type:

0.9mm round cable


Product Features

Precise Fiber Alignment achieved by In-Ferrule Fiber Interconnection

The embedded fiber and the inserted fiber are mated inside the ceramic ferrule of field installable connector, with an accuracy of 1.0µm.

The C-slot design realizes a very precise fiber alignment, and has strong adaptability for different outer diameter of embedded fiber and

inserted fiber.

Exceptional Environmental & Mechanical Properties

Traditional field installable connectors use plastic V-groove as the vehicle for interconnecting two fibers. Our FICs use ceramic ferrule,

whose the material has excellent compatibility with glass fiber and low thermal expansion coefficient, over a wide operating range

 (-40°C to 85°C). Compared with plastic, ceramic is more rigid, has stronger mechanical strength, and will not deform.

Matching Gel will not be Contaminated or Evaporate

Since the interconnection of two fibers is realized inside the ceramic ferrule, there is no risk of contamination or evaporation of matching gel.

Fast & Simple Assembly Procedure

Our field installable connectors are easy to be assembled by using a dedicated tool. Besides, the fiber insertion is very smooth, since the

ferrule’s entry funnel will guide the fiber move forward easily.

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