Shenzhen Opticking Technology Co., Ltd
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	Located at Longhua district, Shenzhen Opticking Technology Co., Ltd. is a national innovative and Hi-tech company dedicated to 
R&D, manufacture, sales and service of optical communication products. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has been 
growing fast. Now we have offices in Yichun, Hefei, Wuhan and Shenzhen.

The company has invested a large amount of funds in independent technical research and development every year, and built up a 
R&D team led by professors, doctors and masters. The number of R&D staff is over 50. At the same time, academic liaison has 
been established between the company and famous universities not only in China, in order to improve the technical innovation 
capabilities of the company through university-enterprise cooperation and joint projects.

Opticking focuses on providing core capabilities and solutions for backbone network, metropolitan area network, access network 
and storage network. Thanks to our consistent, integral, reliable and compatible products, we have expanded our footprint across 
the world. Opticking now is one of well-acknowledged suppliers of optical communication components and modules.

Opticking provides effective and simple optical communication solutions to customers across the world, and be the pioneer of 
optical communication technology with adhering to the concept that “Technical innovation drives development”. Based on global 
operation, massive production and scientific management, we have our cost greatly reduced, which grants us price advantage in 
the market. Guided by the operating philosophy that “Technical innovation and brand create the future”, we have made our best 
endeavors to provide high quality products and services to every customer. With decades of operation, Opticking has built a good 
market image and reputation, and received tremendous growth and wide acknowledgment over the world.